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Affordable Swimming Pool Repair Solutions in Surrey

Founded in 1981, Pro West Pools is a family-owned and operated business. We are one of the leading swimming pool construction companies in the Lower Mainland area, specializing in the construction of quality vinyl liner pools. We believe in providing each of our customers with high-quality craftsmanship, unique design ideas, and affordable pool solutions.


We offer add-ons, including hot tubs, outdoor fireplaces, BBQs, sheds, patios, as well as products related to chemicals, pumps, filters, service work, to the customers that have an inground pool built by Pro West Pools. So, whether you want a large or small pool, we can help.

At Pro West Pools, we provide you with advice regarding all aspects of your pool and ensure that you make a choice that is right for you and suits your family’s requirements. Our pool will add more value to your home and property, and also enhance your personal lifestyle, making it a recreational bargain as well as an ideal investment.


Learn More About the Leading Swimming Pool Contractor in Lower Mainland

Pro West Pools can build you a pool, but better yet, our swimming pool construction lets us create a breathtaking backyard. Before we install a new pool, we will take in factors such as the surrounding environment into consideration. We take the weight of the project off your shoulders, overseeing every aspect from design development to completion providing you with a single contact company that is involved in every phase of the project.


Benefits of Hiring the Right Swimming Pool Contractor

If you are thinking of installing a pool in your backyard, finding the right swimming pool contractor is one of the most important factors. There are many benefits associated with hiring a swimming pool contractor.

Time savings:

A swimming pool contractor saves you the time that you would otherwise have used to visit shops looking for construction materials. This way you get the project done in a decent amount of time.

Cost savings:

We can help you save you money by using building materials from our trusted suppliers.

Vast experience and knowledge:

It is important to hire swimming pool contractors from the very start since we are experts in the field.

Pool design and style:

Pool contractors will be able to provide you with a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from.
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